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15 Nov

There are 195 countries in United Nations. And there are several model companies like Welly, Bburago, Norev, Atlas. Deagostini, Minichaps, Triple9 and so. Not all of them producing police car models and for not all of these countries. Easy to find American, Italian, French, German police cars but what about Zambia, Tuvalu, Vanuatu,  Botswana?

We started with aim of collecting models showing all countries from the world. In a short time we have nearly a 100 models from Italy or 30 from Spain. Maybe you can find 20% of UN countries if you search what about 80%? You have to customize or wait for someone to produce. 

This is our process:

Lets check our limitations:

1. We are not professional designers for using designing softwares so result of our design sometimes don't satisfy us (and you).

2. Web is a very huge information poll but finding pictures for small or not very well known countries is hard. Sometimes the pictures can be wrong or the publisher tag them wrongly. You couldn't find all models of the organizations and in years they are changing their liveries.

3. Economic limitations force us to use cheap models to design. There are at least 60 car brands common in the world some one are very luxury cars produce less, someone are limited with some countries (like Holden or Iranian cars)  . It is hard to find old models so you are restricted with some cheap model producers models like Welly or Kinsmart. In this point we decide to use another model just for showing that police force livery. We are acting like toy company strategy if you have a model in your hand you can put or design it for any country. If you are not registered from that force, it is just happen.

4. Scale limitations. We are using 1/32 to 1/43 so 1/64 to 1/87 models not interesting us. For example there are 1/64 models for Carabineros de Chile but not 1/43.

5. Technical or logistic limitations. We are using transparent decal paper you can not use it on dark colored models. Headlights, lightbars, sirens must be designed in 3d and printed in 3d printer. We don't have one yet. So trying to find another solutions. 

It will be better in the future until that time please be tolerant to us. Be sure lots of people feel happy when they saw their countries design.


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