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29 Oct

If you are planning to collect models showing different countries police cars Atlas World Police Cars Series is a good option. The Serie has 50 models. Some of them are classics some are modern ones.

You have chance to find most of them in Ebay with different prices. I think the price between 5 to 15 euro is acceptable depends on the rareness of the model.  For example Skoda Octavia from Israel Police is hard to find.

With the last 3 models i bought (I paid 48  Euro including delivery from Italy) i have 48 of 50 models now. They were rare models Skoda Octavia from Israel Police, Volvo S60 from Island Lögreglan  and Ford Crown Victoria California  Highway Patrol. 

I am hunting for Volkswagen Golf 4   Netherlands Politie and Willys Jeep M38 1946  Italy Polizia (however when i saw the model i didn't understand how a police car it is)

29/10/2020: Catch the Volkswagen Golf 4   Netherlands Politi used one but in good condition with 5 Euro price.

01/08/2021  Completed

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