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01 Dec

Best of British Police Cars Series  sold by Atlas editions.  It has 26 cars models from British Police. Most of them are classical and British models that you can not see in the other parts of the world. Like Morris and Jaguar mk2 as a Police car. 

Collection has some other materials beside the models. Like an original British Police Whistle, leaflets of the models and a book about British Police Cars of the 1950's&60's.  Models are detailed and similar to Corgi models. When you search the models in web you usually meet with Corgi models also.  They work together as we read from Corgi web site. The price of this series is much acceptable.

By the date (30/10/2020) i first writing this blog i already has 20 of 26 models means %77 of the collection. 

You can find most of the models in Ebay 5 to 10 euro  But some models are hard to find like number 3,4, 15 and 24 in a good price.  They have breakable details like mirrors, antennas, head lights. So checking the models ,if you are buying as used, is a good way to not being upset.

01/11/2020: Start with buying Ford Transit:) so 5 left

01/12/2020: I bought FORD SIERRA SAPPHIRE GLX, Ford Cortina Mk1 and Ford Capri Mk3.  2 left:)

1    Ford Anglia

2    Jaguar MkII


4    Ford Cortina Mk1

5    Hillman IMP

6    Austin Mini

7    Ford Granada Mk1

8    Ford Cortina mk3

9    Ford Escort Mexico

10  Jaguar xj6

11  Leyland Princess

12  Ford Zephyr Mk2

13  Triumph 2000

14   MGB

15    Vauxhall Viva

16    Vauxhall Astra

17    Morris Minor 1000 Van

18    Austin 1800 Mk.II

19    Morris Marina 1.8 TC

20    Austin J2 Van

21    Ford Transit

22    Hillman Avenger

23    Austin Mini Van

24    Ford Capri Mk. 3

25    Ford Cortina mk2

26    Morris Minor 1000

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